Lets Explore More about the Telenor Velocity’s Dynamic Digital Professionals

Telenor Pakistan is always leading when it comes to innovation. It has always focused on the youth promotion through many of its initiative in recent years which indicates the operator’s commitment to welfare and dynamism. In this regard, Telenor introduced many such programs including Telenor Velocity in Feb, 2016. The first badge of Telenor Velocity was brought into limelight in its recent “Industry Meet & Greet Eevent”.

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Let’s Know More about the Telenor Velocity’s Dynamic Digital Professionals:

Interacta by M. Maaz Kamal:Let's Know More about the Telenor Velocity's Dynamic Digital Professionals

Interacta is a famous Pakistani startup by Muhammad Maaz Kamal with an aim to redefine conventional television broadcasting. This technology is specifically targeting at making T.V interactive. The startup was launched back in 2015 and is recently taken by Telenor Velocity. It exactly does same for the user what Shazam App does for music.

Fori Mazdoori by Musstanser Tinauli:Let's Know More about the Telenor Velocity's Dynamic Digital Professionals

Mr. Musstanser Tinauli come up an extraordinary idea of Fori Mazdoori which instantly provides labors with jobs. Fori Mazdoori (FM) is a shift to the world’s brand new era of labor employment that will change the way labor workers find jobs. FM enables people to easily access, through a smart- phone application, a database of qualified labor workers that has been reviewed and rated by other customers. FM interaction model allows labor who are generally not modern technologies literate to benefit from social media incentives.

Listen to the impressive story of this young yet creative entrepreneur:

You can download this App: Fori Mazdoori and also join SkillBazaaz as requested by Musstanser Tinauli

Edjunction by  Arusha Imtiaz:Let's Know More about the Telenor Velocity's Dynamic Digital Professionals

Ejunction is a platform that actually redefining the way schools, parents, teachers, and students interact with each other in a more innovative way. The fundamental idea behind this approach is to modernize and interconnect our school system.

In order to now more about Miss Arusha efforts please visit: Ejunction

EcoEnergy by Jeremy Higgs:Let's Know More about the Telenor Velocity's Dynamic Digital Professionals

EcoEnergy is another example of successful entrepreneurship that will convince you to realize that nothing is achievable. With this project electricity is made available in the far flung areas of Pakistan in order to alleviate poverty so that these people can also incorporate in the development of Pakistan.

Explore more about it: EcoEnergy

doctHERs by Dr. Sara Khurram:Let's Know More about the Telenor Velocity's Dynamic Digital Professionals

doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging online technology. doctHER circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the professional workforce for unemployed, qualified health professionals.

Explore more about this project: doctHERs

Pakistan needs such talent that is why Telenor is all set to invite applicants for its second badge of Telenor Velocity within 2 months. If you think that you are creative enough and that you contribution and dedication can add value to people’s life in any form then its right time to become digital professional as Telenor is there to help you out. Keep it up Telenor Pakistan.

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