Telenor’s Awareness Campaign, “Angoota Chalaoo”

The new political awareness campaign, “Angootha Chalaoo” run by Telenor djuice is the hot topic these days. It Is getting mix reviews from the public and critics. According to Telenor, the purpose of the new TVC is to make the youth understand the importance of casting vote in the upcoming elections.

Critics are complaining that Telenor is deliberately mixing commercialism and social responsibility to sell their product. One has to pay 42 Paisas to get the motivational message. Even if out of 122 million mobile users only 40-50 million users get emotional and send the text message, it will add up to almost to a hefty amount of PKR 20 million revenues for the company.

The use of slang language like “chokri” has also raised the eye brows of many. People are saying that they were not expecting mainstream companies like Telenor to promote such type of culture in its commercials.

[blockquote cite=”Atifa Asghar, Director Corporate Communications, Telenor Pakistan”] The recently launched djuice campaign is an initiative to make the youth understand the importance of casting their vote in the upcoming elections.There are 2 aspects to the campaign:one is in which youth from all mobile networks are invited to confirm their participation in the upcoming elections and second is in which djuice subscribers are being offered an election service which includes, among other things, information like polling booth information, election halqa information etc
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