Telepathy One: A new wearable computing device


Telepathy One: A new wearable computing device


Telepathy One is a wearable computing device with a small display that delivers information to a single eye and a camera that takes photos and video.

Telepathy One is created by Takahito Iguchi, an augmented-reality app developer and entrepreneur. He is also best known for having invented an augmented reality smartphone app Sekai Camera. Telepathy One is a slim, lightweight computing device that creates social communication by allowing real-time video broadcasting and image sharing.

[blockquote cite=”Takahito Iguchi”] We live in a world where we share everything already; Telepathy makes it more real-time and more intimate

Telepathy One is designed for a specific use case — two-way, real-time communication in which Telepathy users share photos and videos that others can access online. The Bluetooth-enabled Telepathy One relies on your mobile phone for wireless internet access.
[info]Features & Specifications:[/info] [list style=”list5″ color=”blue”]

  • A built-in camera
  • A micro projection unit
  • Ear buds on either side for audio
  • The first app for Telepathy One is Manga Camera, the app turns pictures into animated comic strips, which stream to the device’s virtual display via Bluetooth.
[/list] Unlike Google Glass, Telepathy One takes more design cues from headphones than from glasses. The best part of Telepathy One device is that it will enable users to share whatever they are viewing with friends/family.

Telepathy has grabbed the attention by directly challenging Google Glass, this competition between the two will create a healthy market with multiple choices.

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