Tesla Cars to Add Flavors of Netflix & YouTube Streaming

It seems that playing games in Tesla cars were not so enough to make your drive time more amusing, therefore now the company is planning to add the flavors of Netflix and YouTube streaming.

Elon Musk has mentioned in a statement that Tesla’s cars will soon come with Netflix and YouTube streaming so long as the car is stopped. However, he didn’t say much about the functionality but has confirmed that it will come with an “immersive, cinematic feel. Wow! imagine the feel while you are sitting in posh seats with surround sound.

Are You Ready to Experience the Netflix & YouTube Streaming in Your Tesla Cars

You can also enjoy watching videos on the move. Of course, video streaming will only be available while the car is parked, but when full self-driving is approved by regulators, then the company will enable video while moving.”

Musk added that:

Tesla would allow on-the-move viewing once regulators approve self-driving abilities. You probably won’t want to hold your breath for that one when autonomous driving is so far only legal in very limited capacities, but this does suggest that you’ll one day catch up on Stranger Things while your EV brings you to work.

Ironically, Model 3 and the upcoming Model Y owners will likely to have the best experience of videos in the car, as they are coming with horizontally oriented screens. We hope that this new addition will spice up the time you spend in the parking.

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