The Battle of the New Age Smartphones

Pre 2010, Apple was the king of all that was mobile and related to it, we saw some huge monsters of technology trying to face off with the 3GS smartphone but none could do so! But in June 2010 Samsung released a product that really shook the world of smartphones, and that was with the launch of the Samsung I9000 better known as the Galaxy S. The phone had some many eye catching features with it, stuff like a 5MP camera and a secondary camera, 32 Gigs capability of memory and best of all it was running on IOS’s  arch rival; Android!

The Battle of the New Age Smartphones

For the I9000 to become one the first iPhone killer as critics like to call it, this eventually created an inspirational drive in Samsung to keep the Galaxy Series as their “Holy Grail” of the production line and as the series has been up and running since.

Later for a moment Apple rebounded with the iPhone 4 as its new product, only to be yet again outshined by Samsung’s next Galaxy S model; the SII. The phone was a behemoth, running at the time the latest Android OS (Gingerbread) and having a Super-Amoled HD Display, the phone got the most admiration from the public. Eventually this stirred up a clash between the two, and everyone was pumped up on how Apple’s next model the iPhone 5 would retaliate, but due to some corporate reasons Apple cancelled the launch of the iPhone 5 and instead gave the public the iPhone 4s which had a few things different from the predecessor such as the (8MP) camera and the introduction of a virtual personal assistant “Siri”!

Many of the Apple fans were not too happy with the decision on cancelling the iPhone 5 and another major blow to them was the demise of the legendary Technology innovator and C.E.O of Apple Steve Jobs.

Smartphones battle royale



On the other hand everyone was hyped up on launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the I9300! The phone being a true beast of the technological world with amazing features such as a 4.8-inch display, Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU with the latest MALI-400MP GPU. The phone is considered the “Hottest Phone” in the mobile world inventory!

Though, all the glory does not go to the SIII alone, HTC another player in the market has always been in the game of being one of the best smartphone designers ever, and with successful past launches of the Desire Series bears proof of that! HTC has also stirred the public quite up on the launch of the HTC One X a true master in ingenuity with features such as a 4.7-inch display with a Quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU and the latest NVIDIA Tegra 3 Chipset!

It certainly seems that when Samsung took on the role as the “iPhone Killer”, HTC is looking forward to become the first “Galaxy Killer”!

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