The biggest gaming news for October is just HERE

Monday marks the start of another busy week in gaming, with new gaming news for October includes ‘the GTA remastered trilogy, Far Cry 6, New World , as well as a PSA and a warning for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Sony might work on manufacturing its own Chips

According to a new rumour, Sony and semiconductor manufacturing giant TSMC may be collaborating to build their own microprocessor chips in the face of current shortages.

Nintendo Switch Online Rolls out N64

Nintendo confirmed the addition of N64 and Sega Genesis titles to Nintendo Switch Online at the most recent Nintendo Direct. Retro titles from those two systems will be available alongside games from the NES and SNES, which are already available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, but access to N64 and Genesis games will require an additional monthly cost.

Far Cry 6 QR codes might be teasing Survival game

QR codes in the game can be scanned with a phone to show different easter eggs and enigmatic films, as discovered by YouTuber JorRaptor (via The Loadout). A scannable code from a game crate leads to a movie showing a cartoon revolver chamber and what appears to be an in-game map.

FIFA’s new name could be EA sports FC

This one is also one of the biggest gaming news for October. Electronic Arts has submitted numerous trademark applications for ‘EA Sports FC,’ which may be the new name for its FIFA football franchise if it decides to rename the series, which it is presently exploring. On the other hand, FIFA 22 is released on October 1 for (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC).

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New World Players are getting enemies banned

War in New World is a massive-scale PvP game in which corporations (clans) struggle for territory. Naturally, most are eager to exploit whatever edge they can obtain to destroy the opposing side, even if it means exploiting helpful systems. In this situation, a large number of gamers have reported being banned soon before a major battle. In other situations, half of an entire company has been banned all at once, making it much easier for the opposing team to win when they face many fewer opponents.

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