The hidden Story behind your 13 Digit CNIC number

CNIC number issued by Nadra is the identity of every Pakistani that verifies the person’s citizenship. However, we never thought that there is much more to it. I never imagined how the 13 Digit CNIC number of millions of Pakistanis is different from each other.

13 Digit CNIC number- The useful Information one Should know

The CNIC number has 13 digits, and knowing them in detail is quite interesting. This 13 digit number of every citizen differs the identity of one person from another.
CNIC Number has Three Parts:

Part 1:

The CNIC number is divided into three parts. The very first part has five digits. For example, this is the CNIC number 12101-*******-*. The first digit of this number shows which province you belong to. Below mentioned is the breakdown of every province, so you can check yours for confirmation:

  • The people whose CNIC starts from ‘1’, belong to KPK
  • If your CNIC begins with ‘2’, you belong to FATA.
  • The CNIC number starting from ‘3’ show that the person is from Punjab
  • People belonging from Sindh have CNIC number starting from ‘4’
  •  The number ‘5’ is placed at the start of CNIC of people who belong to Balochistan
  •  People who are residents of Islamabad have CNIC number starting from ‘6’
  •  The people whose CNIC starts from ‘7’, belong to Gilgit Baltistan

Well, it was interesting, but there is much more to it. The second digit of CNIC number shows your division. It means each person has a different second digit if they belong to the same province. In the above given CNIC, number 12101-*******-* the digit 2 represents Dera Ismail Khan Division. The next three digits represent district, tehsil and Union council.

The hidden Story behind your 13 Digit CNIC number

Part 2:

The middle part of the CNIC number, which is separated from hyphens such as *****-5027673-* represents the family code of Pakistani citizen. This code actually formulates the family tree of that particular person with people who have blood relations.

Part 3:

The last and the lonely digit after the last hyphen represents your sex. If the owner of CNIC is male, odd numbers will be used such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are used, whereas for women even digits, i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8 are used.
It was the most interesting piece of information about Nadra Automated System which generates our CNIC in a unique way.

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