The LG G8 Comes with a Vibrating OLED Screen for a Speaker

LG has announced that the new G8 ThinQ smartphone will come with the OLED screen that acts as a speaker. The speaker is carrying CSO technology that emits sound from the whole screen. So customers can hear the sound by placing ear anywhere during a call, and not specifically on a receiver.

When you are using speakerphone mode, you can hear the sound from the microphone at the bottom of the device. You will also be able to enjoy 2-channel stereo sound.

The LG G8 Comes with a Vibrating OLED Screen for a Speaker

The LG G8 is using the same “Crystal Sound OLED” branding that the company has already used on some of its TVs before; which shows that the entire display will vibrate to work as a speaker. It will be the first flagship G-series phone that is not using an LCD. It is to be expected that the new phone is expected to have a new gesture control feature.

As the company has confirmed it before that LG G8 will come with a front-facing 3D camera and will have a time-of-flight sensor, however, rumors say that there might be an optional second screen accessory. Later this month, the phone will be announced again ahead of Mobile World Congress. Furthermore, LG is also planning to unveil its first 5G phone at MWC.

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