802.11ax: The Next Big Step in the Evolution of Wi-Fi

In today’s technologically connected world its nearly impossible to live without internet. Everyone want’s the internet to be fast and fulfill all the requirements. 802.11ax: The Next Big Step in the Evolution of Wi-Fi.

If the speed of Wi-Fi is not good or isn’t able to connect properly we get frustrated. Now all of that won’t be a problem thanks to; 802.11ax. It is a kind of WLAN in the IEEE 802.11 set of types of WLANs. It is designed to improve overall spectral efficiency.

802.11ax: The Next Big Step in the Evolution of Wi-Fi

802.11ax is the next step in the evolution of Wi-Fi bringing the next level of performance and user experience.

With the growth in number of devices using Wi-Fi along with the development of the IoT, Wi-Fi networks should be capable of handling dense usage, augmented data traffic and a varied mix of applications and services with opposing needs. 802.11ax is specially intended for such dense connectivity and variability.

802.11ax provides up to a 4x surge in capacity and a noteworthy improvement in efficiency, thus bringing an outstanding Wi-Fi user experience.

New features added to the existing WLAN standard are the MU-MIMO and 11ad. 11ad added capacity with 60 GHZ Millimeter Wave. Whereas 11ac MU-MIMO added four antennas to serve multiple users at the same time.

11ax will take the following factors to the next level:

  1. x FACTOR 1
  2. 8×8 MU-MIMO
  • Uplink and downlink
  • 2x increase over 4×4
  • Works with 11ac devices, too

3. x FACTOR 2

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) to combine traffic

  • Even greater efficiency
  • Just like in LTE networks

4. x FACTOR 3

Scheduled resource management in uplink

  • Better connections in congested networks
  • Longer battery life

So get ready for 11ax Wi-Fi that will provide up to 4x the capacity and over 4x the speed at the cell edge. It will also be helpful in extending coverage and capacity at enterprise campuses, home networks, classrooms and airports etc.

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