The Post-Pandemic Technology Trends At Workplace

Heath crisis in a form of novel coronavirus has disrupted lives and crippled the economy worldwide. This flu pandemic is a sudden specter in our lives. We shall not be wronged to say that this evil will not leave us that soon this year. Technology on the other hand is on the wheels and providing solutions to help curb the spread of this virus. Does technology’s empire will rise post pandemic? Are we looking high percentage of remote work in the future? What measure technology will take to maintain the efficiency level as high as brick and mortar business? We shall discuss this in the article below.  

Main highlights 

  • Sensor Technology  
  • High percentage of Remote Work 
  • Virtual efficiency 
  • Adopting New Technology 
  • Rise in Click and Mortar Business 

Senor or touch-less technology  

As we are aware of the fact that aftermath of the COVID-19 will go longer than we think and not leaving us that soon. It is imperative to say that we can’t distinguish people with or without the symptoms of the virus. In this case, sensor or touch-less technology should be instigated or implemented to help prevent the transmission of the virus.  

This deadly crisis has made people more conscious about hygiene practices even if they are at home. People have learned how to wash their hands like they have never washed before. With such sensitivity and fear among the people, they won’t be appreciating the physical touch in the near future at workplaces. From elevator buttons to lights and washroom fixtures are an example of where such technology can be used to reduce the spread of bacteria.  

High percentage of remote work  

As industry leaders are panicked already about the current situation that how it will go in the future with their employees. Those leaders who thought that remote work is not a profitable option, hence they are realizing it now. With remote work structure, businesses are more in a smooth process than before with cut in their expenditures. Besides, celebrating the ozone layer healing, human pollution has also decreased to the great extent after the lockdown took place.  

Nature is healing which is essential for the healthy lifestyle. Industry leader claims that some businesses can’t be operated remotely like architecture as it involves site visits. Some leaders have accepted the fact that physical visits can be replaced during this pandemic. CEO of one of the renowned architecture firm in US said in an interview,  

Our clients can reach us any time of the day on our personal contact numbers. We are well furnished with all the tools that work remotely whether its virtual site visit or emails.  


Virtual Efficiency  

Coronavirus Pandemic will force many businesses to go virtual as more and more companies are asking its employees to work from home. Video Conferencing is a high demand mode of communication during this lockdown. Thanks to high-end technology which makes it easier for the people to interact face to face online without needing to be in the same country or even room.  

Offices are the peaceful places which are conducive to concentration and or homes very different in this regard. In better virtual efficiency we need high quality internet connection, cell phone with camera and PC with camera installed in it. 

Adopting New technology  

Amid all this global pandemic, most of the leading development teams are very much focused on the here and now, as we should be. Our businesses and our lifestyles are threatened in respects we never expected. 

Industries or businesses which have never previously considered the possibility of remote employment are now finding their entire staff operating from home. The transition to remote work is pushing the company to rethink its position when it comes to digitalization, because businesses continue to learn of new ways of doing business. It possibly involves the introduction of digital technologies to create processes and facilitate remote collaboration. 

Rise in ‘Click and Mortar’ Business 

As governments of the world have enforced lockdown in their countries, many businesses are suffering. Brick and mortar businesses are suffering the most and shifted to click and mortar as an alternative. This business structure refers to online operations alongside offline. This policy underlines the need to respond to changing times which will remain one for other companies long after the pandemic is over. 

Post Pandemic Impact on Technology

It’s important to spend time looking up from where we’re today and looking forward about where we’re going to be a year from now. It’s almost assured that the world for aspiring technologists would greatly vary from that of the past. These are a good couple examples of how tech can help businesses and organizations not only make ends meet but even thrive in these challenging times and beyond. 

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