The Super Slow Android Share Menu Will Be Fixed Very Soon

Google has been working to bring a lot of changes to its Apps. Google is gradually working on all its Apps to make them more user-friendly and simpler to use. In addition to that, Google is also working on improving the already available features. Recently, we have come to know that Google has plans to fix the Slow Android Share Menu. 

Android Share Menu UI is Quite Laggy & Super Slow

We all know that sharing from one app to another has been a cornerstone of Android for years and years. This feature allows no more copying and pasting, no more having to open the Social messaging Apps to send a picture. Using this Android Share UI, Apps can experience felt cohesiveness. However, The Share UI remains slow and laggy all the time. So, people have been complaining about it for many months. Now finally Google has listened to them and has promised to fix this issue soon.

According to a tweet by Android engineering VP Dave Burke, Google is working on a redesign. Let’s have a look at that:


As mentioned in the Tweet above, Google is planning to move to a “push” model compared to the current “pull” model. This change is expected to speed things up so that we will have to no longer face a bloated and slow user interface while sharing. There had been no words by the company about its rollout yet. However, it is expected that now users will not have to wait too long as they have already suffered a lot.

In addition to that, at Google’s Android Dev Summit, the search engine shared a slideshow image that reveals how much battery power a phone’s screen uses in different color schemes. The result revealed that Dark Mode in Android Saves a large amount of battery.

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