The Upcoming Huawei Mate V will Fold Inwards

The race of the foldable device is in the air once again. With Huawei, Samsung, and LG participating in the race, everyone is trying to produce the best-designed tablet kind of a device that magically folds and unfolds beautifully. Being the pioneers, the war is more intense between Samsung and Huawei. While the foldable device of Samsung folds inwards, Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs fold outwards. The Chinese company hints at a new device, Huawei Mate V.

Samsung is expected to have the same kind of design of Galaxy Z Fold 2 as its predecessor, Huawei is taking a new approach while improving the previously done mistakes. It may be possible that Huawei also copies Samsung making the next device fold inwards.


Huawei Mate V may be on its way, folding inwards

Though there were several rumors regarding the launch of Mate X2 but just recently the Chinese tech giant has filed a new patent in the EU that hints something different than our imagination is on its way. The name revealed is Mate V which clearly shows that for sure that the device has some different design configuration than Mate X and XS.

As V stands for folding the book, which gives us idea that the device will for sure fold inwards.A few months back, Huawei filed a design patent hinting a completely different design than before.

Huawei Mate V might be on the way, folding inwards

The next foldable device of Huawei is expected to launch by the end of October, we will definitely be getting leaks and rumors regarding it. So to know more about it, let’s stick to the tech news.

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