The Upcoming Meta Smart Watch Will be Equipped with a Front Camera, New Leak Suggests

Facebook which now comes under the Metaverse is long been working on a smartwatch. A new image leak suggests that the meta watch will have corners like Apple Watch and a tiny water-drop notch with a front camera. Furthermore, the upcoming watch will also have a control button on the right side. A report also suggests that the new meta watch will also be equipped with a rear camera as well.

The Upcoming Meta Smart Watch Will be Equipped with a Front Camera, New Leak Suggests

In an announcement, Facebook’s CEO said that the upcoming smartwatch is in line with creating a hardware ecosystem to help Facebook in creating the metaverse.

The Meta Smartwatch’s first leak image shows that its design is similar to the Apple Watch, however, the former is wider, rounder, and has more curved edges. A camera is placed at the bottom of the display. An app developer, Steve Moser found the image inside the company’s app which also showed Ray-Ban Stories AR sunglasses, implying that it could be utilized to control the watch in the future.

According to a few sources, Meta intends to release the smartwatch at the beginning of 2022. As the company has yet to finalize the release date, it may not be available until later this year. The source also states that Meta is already operating on three different generations of the watch. Therefore, the smartwatch in the leaked image could be the first-generation smartwatch, but it could also be a prototype that we will never be able to use.

Meta is yet to announce the upcoming Smartwatch’s price. Some experts suggest that the upcoming watch will cost around $400. In June this year, a report suggested that Facebook’s upcoming watch will have a dual camera along with a heart rate monitor. The device will also provide a cellular connection without the need for a smartphone. Therefore, users may be able to send messages using services like Messenger and WhatsApp.

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