The Wait for Twitter Dark Mode for Android is not going to End Soon


All the social media apps are launching dark mode, be it a trendy thing or an effort to save the user’s eyes. However, Twitter is still not able to roll out dark mode for its Android app and keep in delaying its launch. In March, to ensure user’s safety Twitter has introduced Light Out which was somehow the initial version of Dark Mode. This “Light Out” feature was launched on iOS in March but Twitter Dark Mode for Android is still not able to make to the market.


Twitter Dark Mode for Android will have Pure Black Background

The light Out has a dark black background with white text. Unlike other apps, the black background looks better than the blue one and also save battery life.  The old dark mode of twitter with blue option is called “dim”.

How to Use Twitter Light Out Feature:

Though the feature is just launched for iOS users, however, when it will roll out for Android users, the process will be 99 percent same, TO enable this feature:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on display
  • Tap on Sound > Dark Mode > Lights Out

While ensuring that this feature will be launched for Android users soon, Twitter’s VP of Research, Dantley Davis said that:

“The feature is coming soon but has been delayed a bit as we work on polishing the experience. Here’s a screenshot of the current build (we’ve included it below). Looking forward to getting this much-anticipated feature to Android users. We appreciate your patience.”

We know that Android users are made to wait too much longer for a new dark mode feature, users can take advantage of the old one named DIM. It can be enabled by tapping on Settings > Display and sound > Dark mode.


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