The Wearable Light Tech Fitness Bands

In the rapidly growing world of technology, there are companies who are producing portable devices and gadgets for the valuable customers. Staying fit has become the most important obsession in today’s world. Everyone is competing hard to stay fit and healthy. In today’s marketplace, it is easy to get a perfect gadget to track your daily exercising progress. The tech fitness bands are of different types, some are very professional and some are professional yet user friendly.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the incredibly designed light weight wearable tech fitness bands, which help the users to track and record their daily exercising activities.

The Gold Nike FuelBand SE – Ultimate Tech Fitness Band

The most efficient and famous of all tech fitness bands is Gold Nike FuelBand SE. The band is made with customizable settings and offers a wide range of adjustable settings for its customers. The great thing about it is that Nike has offered this band in celebration with the FIFA 2014 in Brazil. It has other few versions too, which are also exceptionally good. It very light weight plus gives a very elegant and decent look to the consumers. The Gold band helps the users to track their daily activities and also sync them up with the Nike app on Smartphone.


Vivofit is another consummate reliable tech fitness band. The band is a product of Garmin, they have other bands too. Vivofit is a user-friendly light weight band which helps the users to track their each step, distance, calories and time. Users can customize their daily goals in this band and it will automatically help you in alarming about your scheduled activities. Some outstanding features of this band are

  • It is water resistant, so you do not have to worry about wearing it in rain or during swimming.
  • It has a sleep monitoring feature as well.
  • A wireless sync to easily sync and share your daily achieved goals with your friends.
  • It accurately calculates your burned calories.
  • The in-built timer tracks your exercise timing.
  • It automatically learns your activity levels and then further assigns you with personalized daily regular goals.
  • It has 1+ year battery life.
  • You can save and share your progress at Garmin Connect™.

LG Lifeband Touch

Another great fitness gear in the market is LG Lifeband Touch. LG is famous for it’s easy to use products. It keeps a track of your calories, distance and speed. They have recently launched a lifeband for its valuable customers. The band is available in both L and M sizes. Some great features of this band are

  • It has OLED touch scroll screen
  • It has this incredible function of sharing, a wireless syncing with the LG fitness app
  • A fast 3-axis accelerometer
  • It is compatible with the mobiles
  • It has the feature of music control

JayBird Reign

JayBird has this amazing wireless ear buds and now they have launched a remarkable fitness band. It’s sleek and stylish. It tracks your daily activities, including your sleep detector, and will also guide you on how and when to exercise more. The material of the band is soft and easy to wear and it doesn’t fall off easily. It works with the android latest versions to easily sync your daily progress with your Smartphone. Some best features of this app band are

  • It is compatible with Iphone, Android and Web.
  • It is water resistant so that you can wear it fearlessly during rain and swimming.
  • It determines your body stamina, that how much it is ready for the exercise.
  • It also gauges when you are sleep and how much you slept.
  • With its intelligent sensors, it is able to detect that how much sleep you need depending on your daily exercise level.

There are many other best bands available in the market with best design and specs. You can buy any band that comes within your range and fulfills your demands. The ones mentioned above are the finest of bands available in the market. Get a perfect band for you and keep track of your daily activities.

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