The Weather Channel is Now Giving COVID-19 Updates

The Weather Channel has teamed up with the parent company IBM to import data from sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), and info from reliable local and state sources to bring coronavirus data, maps and charts to your phone. It is just because all the users out there can get a clear picture of how the virus is spreading near them, across the country and around the globe. (May we all get out of these critical circumstances soon).

The Weather Channel is Now Giving COVID-19 Updates

The Weather Channel is making this new coronavirus tracking available in its iOS and Android apps, on and in an online dashboard. It will offer you an AI-powered “Incident Maps,” that is showing all the stats such as confirmed COVID-19 cases and trend graphs that show spread of the disease.

Cameron Clayton, general manager of IBM’s The Weather Company said:

“We feel it’s critical to provide the most trusted information currently available to help people stay informed on the reach of COVID-19… so you can see why social distancing matters in your community and why it’s important to heed instructions from your local, state and national resources,”

In order to provide the latest stats and answer users’ questions, WhatsApp and the WHO created a chatbot last week. WHO also joins hands with TikTok to set the record straight.

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