These Apps are Developed by MOITT for People with Disabilities

Ministry of IT and Telecom (MOITT) and Pakistan’s IT sector has collaborated to develop an App for mentally or physically disable people in Pakistan. MOITT is already funding different programs in this regard and to cater this many private organizations are gearing up to develop specific apps for the target market which is people of Pakistan with Disabilities.

Industry analysts foresees that it is a very positive reform but it needs continuous efforts to bring definitive changes to the market. MOITT is really working hard to promote IT startups and has allocated Rs 124 million for training and investment in Stat-ups.

MOITT is working hard to promote IT Startups

Out of total global population, One billion people that constitutes  15% of the world’s population, experience some form of physical or mental impairment. This number is higher in developing countries like Pakistan.

World Bank also reported that One-fifth of the estimated global total or 110 million and 190 million people have some significant disabilities. A research analyse that people with  impairments, on average and as a group, are more likely to experience adverse socioeconomic outcomes than people without such impairments. These may include less education, poorer health outcome, lower levels of employment and higher poverty rates.

PWD’s statistics revealed that there are about 710,995 people are suffering from mental illnesses in Pakistan. There are only 330 special schools catering to them. Keeping in view this there is a need for such app that not only educate such special people but also provide them ease with their daily tasks.

In 2016, five apps were awarded the PTA Mobile App Award. One of them was Smart Devices which helps people with impairments to switch on/off electrical appliances such as fans, lights, etc.

Another Android bases App named Tell Me helps people who have visual impairment to provide them ease for knowing about surrounding.

The App, iCataract provides a simple and low-cost self-operative cataract detection system which runs through mobile application. Last but not the least is Accurate Position Marking mobile application which assists people going through rehabilitation after injuries including head and shoulder injuries.

Another App Roll Out is also launched that provides information about all the restaurants and hotels that facilitate physically-challenged individuals.

Yusuf Hussain, CEO of Ignite said:

We employ innovation to help fellow citizens, challenged by impairments, to lead engaged and fulfilling lives,”

With the bloom IT sector in Pakistan, Many startups are working tirelessly to enable special and mentally challenged people to enhance their social, cultural, political and economic integration.

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