These New Features for WhatsApp Web will Save you from Office Embarrassment

Finally, WhatsApp is bringing some new features for its web users who were previously completely ignored. WhatsApp web users just switch on WhatsApp on mobile to start integration on their desktops and used to send messages to each other. Other than this, no better functionality was offered however during the last one month, the company has started launching some new functionalities in order to make our web experiences better. Moreover, New Features for WhatsApp Web will Save you from Office Embarrassment, lets have a look: ‘How’.

Initially, it launched three new features among which one allowed users to edit photos on the web version which was previously only permitted on the app. Other two included preview links and a new sticker suggestion feature. Later on, it came up with the greatest feasibility of using WhatsApp on the web without relying on the Whatapp mobile version. Here’s how to do that.

Once Again, New Features for WhatsApp Web Rolled Out

Coming back to the point, the company has once again come up with a set of new features for messaging application’s desktop version. The first one is the turning off of desktop incoming calls which gives users more control to manage the notifications and calls while using this platform on their web. Many times your would have felt embarrassed while getting a call in offices while your desktop speaker was turned on and everyone would have given you a startled look. This problem would be solved now.

Secondly, a new interface is launched for Contact Info, Business Info, Group Info. This interface is completely the same as that of the WhatsApp version for Android and iPhone. So now when users will look at the contact and group info, they will see the same interface on the web and app which will be less confusing for them.

Users will be able to enjoy both of these features by updating their WhatsApp web versions. If you are still not able to see it, there is nothing to worry about since the company will be launching these updates in chunks so in the next weeks we will get it simultaneously.

In short, Since the WhatApp desktop Beta version will be released for some platforms in advance, users will have to wait for some more days to get the new versions for the platform to enjoy these features.

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  • this features was highly needed as in office me used whatsapp on my laptop and it was really ammarssing when get calls

    • Yes, you are right. Am also a victim of getting calls in the office and then giving everyone samosaz to eat as a punishment.

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