These Online Stores are Offering Exciting Black Friday Sale in Pakistan

Black Friday is once again ready to cast its spell on the shoppers all over the globe. Considered to be the largest extravaganza of the year, Black Friday falls on the last days of November. Amidst the frenzy that the Black Friday brings about among people, a question arises as to why people are so crazy about this particular event? The answer is pretty simple. Customers get to avail huge discounts and sales, which otherwise they would not be able to avail on any other day of the year. So get ready to buy discounted products on Black Friday Sale in Pakistan.

Sab Loot Lo- Black Friday Sale in Pakistan

In Pakistan People don’t like Friday to be called Black, so several brands have given different names to it such as great Friday, white Friday, Good Friday, big Friday and Grand Friday. Well, customers do not care about whatever name given when it comes to Sale.

So get ready to buy your favourite things at low prices. Team Phone world has jotted down some online stores which are offering best Black Friday deals 2018.


After the giyara giyara (black Friday sale), Daraz has decided to make its customers more happy with another black Friday sale with a tagline ” big Friday: as we love you”. Prepare your wish lists, mark those calendars in green and download the Daraz app while you’re at it.

You can shop online from here


Telemart is offering the biggest Grand sale with discounts of up to 80%. With a tagline “Blessed Friday Sale”, Telemart plans to disclose seals soon. As the sale is Live now, don’t miss the chance to buy favourite gadgets.

Follow this link and view the discounted products.


MyGerrys, one of the biggest online store in Pakistan is also offering Black Friday sale while celebrating 12th Rabi Ul Awal and White friday at the same time.  This is the longest sale when compared to other online stores. Gerry’s offer up to 35% on your favourite items. Various items are on sale including electronics, mobile phones, clothing, and much more.

To Shop at MyGerrys Click Here. offers Best Black Friday sale which will be live on 23rd, Nov, 2018. People can buy different products on upto 70 % off.  The company has partnered with renowned names of different industries in Pakistan designing a smooth journey for customers from the moment they land on the website to when they select the best-discounted deals and brands to finally paying securely.

Don’t forget to shop at by clicking here.

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