Top 5 Strategic Tech Trends to look for in 2021

It might seem weird to make assumptions about tech trends for 2021, since it’s far from clear how the rest of 2020 will turn out. The world-changing events of this year were not foreseen by anyone, but one thing is obvious: technology has been influenced almost as much as any other aspect of our lives. 

As organisations transition from reacting to the COVID-19 crisis to driving progress, they must concentrate on the three key areas that form the themes of the patterns of this year: centricity of individuals, freedom of place and robust distribution. Taken together, these patterns create a whole that is greater than its individual components and to achieve maximal distribution, rely on social and personal demand from everywhere. 

The top strategic tech trends for 2021 

1. Internet of Behaviors

Like many tools catch and use the “digital activities” of people’s everyday lives, the Internet of Action (IoB) is also emerging. 

According to researchers, the IoB incorporates current technology that specifically focus on the user, such as face recognition, location monitoring and big data, and ties the resulting information to related behavioral activities, such as cash transactions or computer use. 

This data can be used by organisations to manipulate human behaviour. For example, during the current pandemic, companies may use IoB through computer vision to see if workers are wearing masks or through thermal imaging to detect those with a fever to control compliance with health protocols. 

Researchers expect that by the end of 2025, more than half of the world ‘s population will be subject to at least one commercial or governmental IoB scheme. 

2. Cyber-security Network 

The trend in cybersecurity mesh technologies allows individuals to access any encryption in digital properties, no matter where the asset is, or where the user is located. Burke said: The cybersecurity mesh is basically how we have really hit a security turning point or inflexion point, and it really forces one to decouple regulation compliance from policy decision-making. In the past, they were combined. What makes it easier for them to do is to position the security fence around the individual as opposed to around the company.

The way security practitioners have historically thought of security, he said, is that it is safe within the company. Then we make sure that within the organisation, inside the firewall, so to speak, everything outside of the company is protected by the security process. 

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI is undeniably one of the main technological developments at the moment, and it will become much more useful tool in 2021 to help us understand and view the world around us. It will help to expand the amount of data we receive on hospitals, outbreak rates, and the effectiveness of steps we take to prevent infection from spreading. This suggests that machine learning algorithms in the solutions they uncover for us can become fully informed and more sophisticated. 

4. Robotics and Vehicle Automation 

If the number of passengers using public transit fluctuates from week to week, projects around self-driving cars can proceed at a growing rate, based on local conditions. For service providers as well as civil authorities, driving productivity across public transport networks would be a priority where reducing human labour costs would help offset the volatility surrounding consumer demand. 

5. Cloud Computation/ Distributed Cloud 

Distributed cloud is the delivery of distributed cloud services to multiple geographic sites, while the public cloud operator remains responsible for the operation, control and evolution of the services. For operational scenarios with low-latency, data cost-reduction needs and daa residency requirements, it offers a nimble climate. It also addresses the need for clients to provide cloud storage services near to the physical location where data and business processes take place. 

In many ways, due to growing digital and online lives, Covid-19 will serve as a spark for a whole host of improvements that were always on the cards anyway. It is difficult to assume the tech trends for 2021 as yet. 

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Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.

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