This 27 million mAh Power Bank can charge Electric Appliances

Power banks were a blessing in disguise since they helped us charge mobile devices even when we do not have the power plug available. Though they really helped us in the last few years, their usage declines when the mobile manufacturers equipped devices with giant batteries that last for a day or more. However, nothing was manufactured to charge our electrical appliances till now. A Chinese Youtuber named Handy Geng realized it and created a 27 million mAh monster power bank that can charge electrical appliances including washing machines, TVs along with thousands of phones.

This power bank was manufactured at home by welding the power bank’s 5.9-foot by 3.9-foot frame together. no doubt, it takes away the portable term away, but he added wheels for mobility.

The Monstrous 27 million mAh Power Bank is the new Talk of town

The power was provided by the same giant flat battery packs that are found in electrical vehicles. Geng revealed that  27 million mAh capacity is enough to fully charge approximately 5,000 phones having 3,000mAh batteries fully.

This power bank includes 60 power sockets for charging multiple mobile devices at the same time. The YouTuber also demonstrates charging of his empty electric scooter. It means if accidentally your scooter gets discharged on way to somewhere, you can easily charge it with this power bank instead of pulling it with a rope.

This power bank can also be attached to home appliances when they are outdoor. Gen demonstrates using a large TV and also operates a washing machine while he is cooking on an electric stove outdoor.

While it is one of the best creations, the only issue I see is the portability. Let’s see if the YouTuber is able to solve it in the future before making it available for commercial use.

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