This Artificial Womb Machine Lets you Grow a Baby in Your House

Scientists have rolled out a new concept of an artificial womb. It clearly shows how in future it would be so easy to produce a baby so easily from a machine. Artificial womb depicts an incubator that operates from out of parent’s home. This Artificial Womb Machine Lets you Grow a Baby in Your House.

This concept shows a similar product which will be used as an alternate for natural pregnancy. It depicts a retro futuristic incubator, shaped like an egg and complete with a transparent shell, which allows the developing fetus to be fully view able.

This Artificial Womb Machine Lets you Grow a Baby in Your House

This incubator has a slow in which food of the parents’ can be distributed into artificial womb. You need to provide the baby with genetic material. Mean While parents can also communicate with their unborn baby by using a microphone. This concept is not yet bough to the market however this technology will soon become reality.

The Artificial Uterus is shaped like an egg and fetus can be viewed on daily basis with a transparent glass. There is a remote control with this device which stimulates the baby kicks.

It should be mentioned here that team of researchers have already designed an artificial womb for animals. Doctors collaborated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to successfully grow lamb in a vessel. This can be used as incubation for human babies in the future.

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