This Feature will Help Users to See Quote Tweets Easily

Twitter is working on a new option that reveals the number of times the post has been retweeted. Initially, this feature was found by the famous app searcher Janne Manchun Wong who revealed that Twitter is testing a feature that will make it easier for users to recognize quote tweets.

This Feature will Help Users to See Quote Tweets Easily

Just recently users have posted screenshots showing an option on Twitter “Retweets with Comments” with a counter that shows the Likes and Retweets numbers. Currently, the company is testing this feature for a small number of people, so not everyone would have seen this.

If Twitter users use quote tweet to reply a tweet, the built-in functionality will help the tweets to be neatly organized in the conversation threads. Right now, as this feature is not available to everyone, so in order to find a quote tweets, one has to paste the URL in the search box, which is a quite hefty task.

It should be noted that Twitter has tested thousands of features in the past, but only a few were made available to everyone. So it might be possible that like those features this feature does not reach us, but if it does, it is undoubtedly a great feature to have.

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