This is the World’s Smallest Phone Charger

Are you tired of carrying a big charger here and there? Fed up of draining battery of your smartphone at the workplace and having nothing to charge it? Finally, the solution to all the problems is here and seriously I was anxiously waiting for such creation: World’s Smallest Phone Charger. I personally love to have handy things which can fit into my pockets or my clutches, so this tiny charger is best from me. Named, Chargerito, this charger will solve many of your irritating issues regarding your phone.

This World’s Smallest Phone Charger can stay with you every time

Chargerito is a mini but most important solution that can give life to your dying device whenever you want. Amazingly, this charger has no wires and can be folded to the size of a keychain. It requires a wall socket to plug it in. Your phone will be attached above it just by the side of the wall. When your device is ready to be used, unplug it and use it as a keychain or put it back in the bag.

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One can use this world’s smallest charger on any of your devices by getting either USB-C or MicroUSB version. The device is priced at $25 and is the best gift one can ever get.

Here’s the video of the world’s smallest charger:

Source: Android Authority

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