This Smartphone App can Detect your Child illness Through Cough

A new app can detect your child illness through a cough. Isn’t it amazing? So now if your doctor is unavailable, you can identify your kid’s respiratory disorders through an app. This app is developed by Researchers at the University of Queensland who developed this app through cough analyzing technology.

Researchers at the University of Queensland came up with a smartphone app that detects respiratory disorders in children with the help of cough-analyzing technology. The most interesting thing about this app is that while its research was in progress, the researchers had collected a database of cough audio from more than 1,437 admitted children. The ages of the kids were between29 days to 12 years.

 Smartphone App can Detect your Child illness Through Cough

The researchers then developed a machine learning algorithm for developing speech recognition systems. These recordings were used to tech app to recognize all the sounds of coughs be it pneumonia, asthma, and bronchiolitis. To test the accuracy of the app, this app is tested on some of the children, and it ensured 81% to 97% accuracy.

While telling about the app, researcher Paul Porter said that:

“It can be difficult to differentiate between respiratory disorders in children, even for experienced doctors. “This study demonstrates how new technology, mathematical concepts, machine learning and clinical medicine can be successfully combined to produce completely new diagnostic tests.”

This app is not launched globally as the team of researchers are trying to make it more accurate. This app will be a blessing for people living in remote areas where there are no or very less medical facilities available.

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