This WhatsApp Black Friday Scam is Looting People

WhatsApp used have reported receiving several messages like Black Friday sales or Black Friday contests. Think hundred times before clicking such ads as it is nothing more than a spam and can infect your device. No Doubt, Black Friday is very famous in Pakistan and people are crazy for it due to huge discounts and great deals. Nowadays many e-commerce sites like Alibaba allow users to shop while sitting in Pakistan and get their product all the way from China to delivered att heir doorstep. So with the ever-growing trend of online shopping, threats and spams are also growing.  The WhatsApp black Friday scam is currently active in the US, UK and Ireland so Pakistani should beware! As such scams reach all over the world in just a blink of an eye.

Beware of this WhatsApp Black Friday Scam

The black Friday sales scam messages attract users by telling them that they are offering 90 per cent discount on popular international chains and tells users to click on the given link to buy those products at cheap rates. The link directs users to the fake Amazon page which asks users to enter personal details and shipping address. In the end, the page also asks for credit card information for confirmation of order.

This is not the first time WhatsApp is used for scamming people. Previously there was a game which was played on WhatsApp, took lives of many children around the world.

To curb spam messages, Whatsapp is working on a Suspicious Link Detection feature. This feature will stop fake news from spreading on its platform.

According to WABetaInfo, it is working on fake News tool from the 2.18.204 beta version, adding new improvements in the next updates. The feature is not available for development reasons yet. There is still a need of many other improvements before it rolls out and available for everyone.

The question is, Will WhatsApp Fake News Tool be Able to Curb Spam Messages?

And the bottom line is beware of WhatsApp Black Friday Scam and do not provide your personal information to any site which is not authentic.


Fizza Atique

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