This Would be the Cost of OnePlus 5G Phone

In this tech world, we get to know something new every now and then which later on becomes a trend and followed by all tech firms. Just following the trend, OnePlus is also set to launch its first 5G phone followed by other companies like Samsung, iPhone, Huawei and Vivo. The best thing about OnePlus is that it launches devices with premium features like Samsung and Apple but at cost-effective prices.  However, Cost of OnePlus 5G Phone is not that much which we were excepting.

Cost of OnePlus 5G Phone is More than Expected

Yesterday Qualcomm had launched a new Snapdragon which is the first 5G chipset, during an event in Hawaii which revealed how the new Snapdragon 855 is totally dedicated to 5G. During an event, Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon 855- The first 5G chipset along with global carriers. The one plus 5G phone was also announced at the same event. The CEO of OnePlus revealed that they are presently working on 5G phones while at the same time taking along the 4G devices. He also revealed that Cost of OnePlus First 5G Phone will be between $200 to $300 more.

In the near future, 5G will Impact every Industry in the best possible way. World’s biggest mobile operators are striving to launch 5G technology as soon as possible. While mobile manufacturing companies are also making 5G handsets and everyone is waiting to buy the first 5G Phone as soon as possible.

So for all those who were waiting to get OnePlus first 5G Phone, It’s expensive, unlike its other devices.

Fizza Atique

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