Three Day Weekends Make You More Productive: Psychologists Revealed

Recently. it has been revealed by Psychologists that three day weekends would make people more productive, moreover, it will make people happier. With a shorter working week, companies in Sweden, Iceland, and New Zealand have all had success.

According to Adam Grant- a professor of management and psychology- Warton School, University of Pennsylvania, that if we reduce work hours then people would be able to focus their attention more effectively. They would end up producing just as much, often with higher quality and creativity. Furthermore, they will also be more loyal to organizations that are willing to give them the flexibility to care about their lives outside of work.

This the Time that Companies Should Switch to Four-Working days & Three Day Weekends

Author of Utopia for Realists-Ruger Breman has also mentioned that actually for decades, all the major economist, philosophers, and sociologists, they all believed up till the 1970s that we would be working less and less.

In 1920 and 1930, there were actually major capitalist entrepreneurs who discovered that if you shorten the working week, employees become more productive.

For example, Henry Ford discovered that if he changed the working week from 60 hours to 40 hours, his employees would become more productive because they were not that tired in their spare time.

Warwick University in the UK has shown that people who were treated well at work, they made more effort and showed more intellectual ability.

Survey of OECD countries shows a similar trend. For example, South Korea has a culture of long working hours, but still, the productivity rate of its workers is among the lowest in the OECD. Another example is Greece, it has one of the longest working weeks in Europe but comes last in the OECD’s measure of GDP per hour worked.

Policy makers are now taking the idea more seriously around the globe. They are now more focused to see which types of jobs could embrace a shorter working week. However, this is also the fact that not all professions can make the switch to shorter working hours especially, those in the medical and emergency sectors.

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