TikTok Ban: New Amendment Case in Making

A Battle for Free Speech and National Security

TikTok’s future in the United States is uncertain, with the popular social media app facing a potential ban owing to national security fears. This has sparked a heated discussion about free expression and national security, which might culminate in a major First Amendment lawsuit against TikTok ban.

The Ban

In March 2024, Congress passed a law called “Protect Americans from Foreign Spy Apps.” This law would make TikTok, the popular video app, sell itself to a U.S. company or get shut down completely. Why? Because some people in Congress worry that since TikTok is owned by a Chinese company, it could be used to steal our information or spread fake news that hurts America

Fightback under the First Amendment

TikTok, together with a group of its users, has filed litigation against PAFACAA. Their major argument revolves around the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech. They argue that a ban on TikTok would violate the rights of both the site and its users by limiting the free flow of information and expression.

To win, the government needs to convince the judge of two things

Super important reason: They have a really good reason for TikTok ban, like protecting national security from China. This is like getting a high score on the most important part of the test.

Fair play: The ban only stops TikTok, not other apps. It’s like getting a good score on the other parts of the test, but they shouldn’t go overboard.

The trick is, the judge might use a stricter test or a less strict test. The stricter test means the government needs a nearly perfect score on both parts. The less strict test means they can get by with a good score on the important part (national security) even if the ban isn’t perfect.

The whole fight depends on whether the judge sees TikTok as a place for people to freely express themselves (like free speech) or a tool China could use to mess with things (like national security).

The Road Ahead

The court’s verdict will determine the destiny of TikTok as well as the future of online speech regulation. If the prohibition is sustained, it may deter other foreign-owned sites. In contrast, a decision against the prohibition would strengthen the substantial safeguards provided to free expression in the United States. Regardless of the verdict, this case is bound to leave an indelible impression on the legal landscape of the internet.


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