TikTok Deletes 350K+ Videos in the US Over Violations

The ongoing tech war between the two major powers is gaining prominence than ever before. With the US and its allies banning Chinese apps and China retaliating them in every front. As lately, TikTok has removed more than 350K+ videos in the United States. According to TikTok, the videos which have been removed violated its hate speech policy. Along with that, the video-sharing platform told that it banned more than 1,300 accounts for posting hateful content.

TikTok Deletes 350K+ Videos in the US Over Violations

In a blog post, TikTok stated that it had taken action on content like race-based harassment and that the video-sharing platform also had an absolutely zero-tolerance policy on organized hate groups. In addition to that, content that denied “violent tragedies” such as the Holocaust, slavery, or any genocide is also not tolerable.

TikTok has been under observation regarding its content moderation practices. In the month of March, it named the initial members of a content advisory council, to share its advice and recommendations on its policies and examine the company’s actions.

Last week, US President Donald Trump also gave an executive order to ByteDance to divest TikTok’s US operations in the time span of 90 days. The reason behind this order adds up to the latest efforts made to increase pressure on the Chinese company over concerns about the safety of the personal data it handles.

US officials have shown anxieties that personal information of users could be passed on to China’s government. In response, TikTok reiterated that it has never rendered any user data to the Chinese government and that it would not do so if asked.

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