TikTok: Now Search Videos Based on Faces

If you have TikTok app with you then you’ll be featured by your face in the search bar. With this new feature people will be able to look up the faces featured in TikTok clip or video. This feature will allow you to choose a face from the search bar and can browse other videos made by the same user.

Experts reviewed that this feature is primarily introduced to generate revenue from it. For instance, when a piece of clothing or other product is selected, the app’s visual search will redirect to the e-commerce platforms for a match and other relevant links of it finds any. The model of this feature is designed similar to what US based companies like Google offer.

Its scope, however, is not limited to objects. The feature can be used to search for TikTok videos based on their faces. It also suggests that TikTok harvests its content for identifiable data. Whether this feature applies to everyone, however, is unclear. As of now, this feature is restricted to the app’s Chinese version, but expected to roll out globally soon.

TikTok is not the first social network within its algorithms to embed facial recognition. For example, Facebook bundles it in an uploaded image for automatic tag suggestions. While enabled by default, after a privacy outcry, Facebook made the function optional.

TikTok has gradually started to capitalize on its growing popularity over the past few months. A few weeks ago, the company launched a network of native audiences that gives businesses access to revenue of advertising data. The move will allow the advertisers to essentially target users based on what they’ve been watching on TikTok.

The social media platform is currently reeling from a Guardian report that revealed its moderators have been actively censoring videos that speaks of violence and government conflict.



Nayab Khan

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