TikTok Rolls Out a Second App for Business Community

TikTok has fundamentally been a platform for entertainment, infotainment, and social interaction up until now, but these attributes are about to change very soon with an expected update. The social media giant has stated that it is rolling out TikTok for business (second app), which will act as a marketing solution for different brands.

TikTok for business will offer brands and advertisers means to engage with the TikTok community via storytelling, while co-operating with creators through the Creator Marketplace. It will also permit brands to find proper partners for ad campaigns.

TikTok Rolls Out a Second App for Business Community

Brands will be permitted access to TopView, which implies that they will be able to place their ads on the main screen of the TikTok application. Some other products that the app will provide include Brand Takeovers, In-Feed Videos, Hashtag Challenges, and Branded Effects.

Brand Takeover will be three to five-second advertisements that can both be images or videos. In-Feed Videos can be as long as sixty seconds and will incorporate audio. Hashtag Challenges will provide brands the ability to invite TikTokers to generate content based on a hashtag of their choice

Branded Effects will allow you to add products or brands directly into TikTok videos in a 2D, 3D, or the latest AR format. The new AR format will allow brands to add personalized effects with brands and products in both the foreground or the background of the video.

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In addition to that, TikTok is also preparing to release a new learning center soon where marketers can study more about TikTok’s ad offerings and help them in launching successful campaigns.

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