TikTok warns of ‘Harmful Challenges’ before they spread

TikTok is currently working to improve the identification and enforcement of rules in the face of potentially deadly online challenges and hoaxes.

In order to foster an environment that encourages creative expression, the platform must also priorities the safety of the online community, particularly the younger members. In this sense, TikTok is devoted to listening to and engaging with external experts to inform its efforts, and it shares the interests of parents and guardians in this purpose.

Furthermore, TikTok has developed social media awareness campaigns such as #AapSafeTohAppSafe to encourage safety on the site, as well as an online Safety Center in Urdu that provides resources, guidelines, and policies to educate users on safety, security, and privacy.

Doctors cautioned earlier this year that the viral “milk-crate challenge” on TikTok, which allowed people to scale pyramids of milk crates, posed a danger to life and limb.

TikTok also outlawed the “dry scoping challenge” because physicians warned that it was dangerous to one’s health.

tiktok challenges

The company found that 31% of kids have participated in some type of online challenge before, according to a recent poll of more than 10,000 teenage users, parents, and teachers from different countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Although 48 percent of those who completed the challenge thought it was absolutely safe and harmless, 32 percent said there was some risk involved, and 14 percent felt the task was risky or downright dangerous. 3% even deemed them “very dangerous.”

Short-video app hopes to take this first step, as well as the stimulation of discussion on the matter, to make a deliberate contribution to online family safety and safeguarding by collaborating with world-leading professionals. On behalf of the community, TikTok will continue to investigate and implement more measures.


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