Top 10 Most Bought Cell phones of All times

Top 10 Most Bought Cell phones of All times

Mobile telephones for automobiles became available from some telephone companies in the 1940s. since its emergence, mobile phones have changed the way we live our lives, as it has become an imperative part of our systems.

The innovations in mobile phones can be traced in successive generations, starting from the early “0G” services like MTS and its successor Improved Mobile Telephone Service, to first generation (1G) analog cellular network, second generation (2G) digital cellular networks, third generation (3G) broadband data services to the current state of the art, fourth generation (4G) native-IP networks.

Zillions of cell phones are manufactured every year, So we have researched about the Top 10 bought mobile phones of all times.

[success](1) – NOKIA 1100[/success]

The Nokia 1100 is on top of the list. It is a compact phone that’s has all the basic features users typically need, plus a few more. This model of Nokia has been known to be the best selling mobile phone in the history.

[success](2) – NOKIA 3210[/success]

Nokia 3210 is one of the oldest mobile sets of Nokia and it is also known for its durable powers like the famous Nokia 3310. This phone has sold 150 million units.

[success](3) – NOKIA 1110[/success]

Nokia 1110 was released in 2005 and it sold 150 million units. This phone is known for its easy usage, reasonable price, simple applications and sturdy appearance.

[success](4) – NOKIA 1200[/success]

Nokia 1200 proved to be another simple and durable phone by Nokia. This set was available in different colors with a built-in flashlight.

[success](5)- NOKIA 2600 SERIES[/success]

Nokia was once the king of the market due to its reliable mobile phones. The Nokia 2600 series sold 135 million units with its amazing colorful display. This handset allowed users to customize the font settings.

[success](6)- MOTOROLA RAZR V3[/success]

Motorola provides the best technology in its mobile phones. This handset was released in 2004, it was a stylish/slim/foldable phone managed to charm the customers with its metallic design and appearance and that’s the reason it sold 130 million units.

[success](7)- NOKIA 1600 & SERIES[/success]

Nokia 1600 and Series came to market in 2006 with its colorful display and ease of use. This series proved to be reliable when it comes to battery life and convenience. Hence it sold 130 million units.

[success](8)- NOKIA 3310[/success]

Nokia 3310 is known as the strongest and toughest phone all around the world. This handset is simple and very durable. This handset has passed many damaging tests and it sold more than 126 million units.

[success](9)- NOKIA 1208 & 1209[/success]

Nokia 1206 and 1208 were the phones with flash light and 64k color display. This handset has sold 100 million units.

[success](10)- IPHONE MODELS[/success]

The appearance of iphones transformed the mobile industry of the world. The first iphone was released in 2007 and it sold abound 6 million units. In 2008 it turned the tables and was crowned in touch screen phones that sold 35 million units of iphone 3G. It repeated the sale of 35 million units in 2009. iphone 4 only sold 28+ million units in 2010 but Iphone4S sold 70+ million units in 2011.

An analyst believes Apple sold a total of 52 million iPhone units during the fourth quarter of 2012.


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