Top 10 Huawei Technology Trends-Ahead of Future

Huawei is coming up with advance technology trends.

Huawei in its latest Global Industry Vision report told about the top 10 technology trends that will reform our lives. Technology has involved so much in our lives that it is almost impossible to live without it. Do you imagine to live without your phone a day?

Huawei ICT Infrastructure’s CMO, Kevin Zhang:

“Human exploration will never stop. We should set our sights beyond what we see now and look to the future, shifting from innovation to invention. We’re seeing rapid changes to life, work, and society as every industry adopts AI, 5G, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies. Huawei is committed to building digital platforms, user experiences, and intelligent technology that power ubiquitous connectivity in every scenario. It’s our mission to offer every person, home, and organization an intelligent future and the benefits of entirely new opportunities for growth.”

According to the prediction of this report, the trends will remain alive until 2025.

Smart Transport Systems

Smart transport systems will link vehicles, infrastructure, and people altogether. Also, the functionalities will include zero congestion, quick response to emergency and many other functions that will help in smooth traffic flow. The report foretells that no matter what, 15% of vehicles will have Cellular Vehicle-to-everything technology.

The Uprise of 5G

5G is almost here and it is spreading out everywhere. It is used by organizations and individuals. According to the report, it will be applicable to 58% of the total population of the entire world.

Augmented Innovation

Cloud Artificial Intelligence will prove beneficial to science and almost every related field. The report estimates that 97% of the prominent and well-established companies will apply this technology.

Peerless Vision

The combination of super technologies; 5G, machine learning, AR, VR, and growing technologies will let users view beyond the eye can see. Adding to this, it will help users in observing distance, surface or distortion. GIV report envisions that 10% of companies will use AR/VR.

Smart Automation

According to a guess, the report says that there will be almost 103 robots in the industry for almost 10,000 workers. Smart automation will overcome the industries. It is hoped that working with robots will result in more safety, security and a company’s productivity.

Flawless Communication

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis will generate flawless communication between clients and companies. Moreover, it will break the language barriers. It will create reliable and accurate data transfer. Anyhow, the report forecasts that big organizations will use 86% of the useful data.

Home Robots

Home robots are the future of the tech industry. GIV reports that almost 14% of the total people will have robots in their homes. The robotic industry has started to boost up.

AI-Equipped Personal Assistant

The sensors embedded in devices know everything around us. They also gather information about us. The searches will be free of a button, no effort is required to create social networks and industry will get the benefit from “zero-search maintenance”. According to the GIV report, 90% of smart devices users can use AI-equipped personal assistants.

Corelative Digital Trends

Organizations are acquiring digital trends and using smart devices for greater performance. It involves resource sharing, superb global ecosystems, and higher productivity. According to GIV’s prediction, 85% of business firms will be based on Cloud AI.

An Upturn in Global Data

Progress in technology should be balanced by gathered data and rules for data usage. The report says that by 2025, it can reach 1 trillion GB.

We are looking forward to all these trends in the future.


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