Top 2 Quadcopters for Filming and Videography

Drones are not just used for spying or spreading violence. It has now becoming one of the most trending and usable gadget. Industries are working on the features and aspects of drones. They are improving the performance of drones by giving an extra edge to the users. Users can choose Quadcopters for filming purposes of areas where physical access is not possible.

As its one of the top trending gadgets among consumer electronics, everyone, especially those who are gadget lovers, willing to spend money to lay their hands on their favorite drones. There are different sizes and versions available in the market for sale, fully compact and innovative drones are the new talk of the town. However, it doesn’t matter if you are a documentary maker or a professional videographer having quadcopters for filming and videography comes in handy.

Professional Quadcopters for Filming

If you are looking for a professional filming and videography drone, then you should look for the top 2 Quadcopters available in market, which are loaded with high quality features and performs quite well. Drones have opened a new dimension to aerial filming and have made it a lot easier for individual users and for professional companies as well.

DJI Phantom Vision 3 Plus

It is one of the best drones that have come out this year and pleasantly surprised the whole market with its top-notch features. The professional version – 4K (30fps) / 12 MP is an absolutely a must have. This new Phantom Vision 3 has upgraded motors which results in more powerful results. It produces a flight time of 23 minutes on a battery of 4480mAh battery.

3DR Solo Quadcopter

3DR have come up with this amazing quadcopter with Dual 1GHZ Linux companion CPU’s. It is the only drone available in market that automatically controls the camera and its positing both, at the same time, which is pretty awesome. It is best for aerial filming, especially for wedding videography.

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