Top 20 most visited Websites in Pakistan

Previously, I have written an article on number mobile, Internet and Social media users in Pakistan. Now, i am going to share some more interesting facts related to most visited websites in Pakistan.

Top 20 most visited Websites in Pakistan

First i am going to share a list of top 10 most visited websites given by Similarweb.

#WebsiteCategoryMonthly TrafficTime per visitPages per visit
1.Youtube.comStreaming video126,600,00029M 59S13.2
2.Google.comSearch119,800,00015M 18S10.7
3.Facebook.comSocial43,890,00015M 02S12.1
4.WhatsApp.comSocial10,940,0002M 47S1.6 9,446,0008M 50S6.4
6.Yahoo.comSearch Engine 6,089,0008M 25S6.1
7.Wikipidea.orgReference 4,887,0004M 34S2.9
8.Twitter.comSocial 4,386,00013M 36S13.2
9.Live.comSearch 3,706,0009M 49S8.3
10.Instagram.comSocial 3,543,00010M 44S17.7

As you can see, Youtube is at the top of the list and monthly traffic is around 126.6 million. According to this stat, Google has been ranked second with 119.8 million monthly. And so on, you can see the remaining in the given table.

Now i am going to quote another table with top 20 most visited website in Pakistan. The data provided in following table is given by Alexa.

#WebsiteTime per visitPage per visit
1.Google.com12M 09S14.6
2.YouTube.com11M 44S6.7
3.Facebook.com17M 48S7.8 16S6.7 53S3.7
6.Yahoo.com4M 34S4.4
7.Wikipedia.org3M 55S3.0
8.Hamariweb.com3M 48S2.5
9.Blogspot.com3M 32S2.7
10.Daraz.pk14M 36S9.0
11.Live.com4M 53S5.0
12.Amazon.com4M 53S9.0 51S7.5
14.Fiverr.com12M 36S7.1
15.Stackoverflow.com5M 56S3.8
16.Dawn.com5M 59S2.5
17.Express.pk8M 52S4.2
18.Dunyanews.tv4M 10S2.7
19.Twitter.com10M 48S7.8
20.Netflix.com10M 48S2.7


So as you can see in this list Google is on the top. While the other ones are more or less same to previous table.

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Alexa and Similarweb


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