Top 3 Apps Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle in 2024

Android Apps Making Health Goals Easier

In the constant race of life today we often forget about what personal space is and how we need to allot time for ourselves in order to continue the pace we are moving at or else eventually we may not be fit enough to stand the struggle. Just to remind yourself about yourself here are the TOP 3 Apps Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle through various means!

Top 3 Apps Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle in 2024

1. Daily Yoga- Yoga Fitness Plans

Key Features:

  • Video Do With Me Tutorials
  • No special equipment required
  • Contains Free and Purchasable features
  • Contains options to hire professional dietitians and coaches.
  • Targeted exercises available.
  • Soothing and motivating speech and music available.
  • Daily progress towards a fixed target is calculated.
  • Consists of a community to interact with.

How To Benefit From These Features

Of all the things in the world, nothing can be achieved if not some effort is put into it. Get your yoga mats ready which may be substituted with any piece of carpet, or any non-slippery fabric and get on with the ‘Complete Yoga For Beginners’ program. It consists of several ‘light’ to ‘mild’ exercises which are in accordance with one another and simply follow the steps! Be CONSISTENT and you will be surprised by the results!


2. Water Drink Reminder

Key Features:

  • Reminds you of your daily water intake.
  • Has different water measures and beverages available.
  • Sets a target goal to achieve only through daily water intake.
  • Works according to your sleeping and working hours.

How To Benefit From These Features

You know all the facts of how important it is to drink water and this saves me the drill of repeating the cliche of highlighting the benefits of drinking enough water. But in a busy lifestyle such as today, it seems to be one of the most commonly ignored factors that affect our body in several drastic ways!

Well why I prefer this application over all the others of such a kind is that it asks you for your current weight and of your desired weight then it tends to set a goal that if you successfully drink  ‘x’ liters of water per day then you will be able to achieve your desired weight by ‘y’ date. And I actually tried that for my mother and surprisingly it worked! only that as the time passed by she wasn’t consistent anymore, that’s a different story.

Again for a healthy lifestyle, you need to set your goals and be consistent in the struggle towards them.

3.Noom: Health And Weight

Key Features:

  • Calorie Counter
  • Pedometer
  • Contains a wide range of Pakistani And Indian foods along with their estimated calories.
  • Bar Code scanner to scan packaged food in order to receive the nutritional details.
  • Several features are free to use.
  • Experts and Dietitians can be hired through the app from all over the world.
  • Considers the weight goal and set the daily calorie intake accordingly.
  • Categories food as Green, Yellow or Red for Healthy, Medium or Bad respectively.

How To Benefit From These Features

Calorie counters such as Noom are always just an added element in helping with the weight or healthy lifestyle journey. It makes you conscious of what you take in. Just take your time to know your food and what effect it may bring to your body. Entering food diary may also help you to see what nutrient you lack and need to increase in your daily diet.

All these applications may make your journey towards a Healthy lifestyle easy but it is just YOU who can ensure the likings of it. The only advice I can give you is to BE CONSISTENT, STAY FOCUSED, AND STAY MOTIVATED! It will take time but will happen eventually.

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