Top 3 Reasons You Should Delete Your Text Messages

Top 3 Reasons You Should Delete Your Text Messages

According to a research, the average user picks up their device more than 1,500 times a week. Not only is this, but before we even got out of bed, chances are the majority of us will check or send a text or two to friends.

With smartphones bringing in huge memory, people have developed a habit of saving a text for a fairly long period of time or forever. Everyone has their own reasons for keeping a text message in their phones, but here are some reasons that will tell you that why you should delete your text messages regularly.

[success]Improves the speed of your phone[/success]
We receive a huge amount of text messages every day, and that’s the reason out inbox is flooded with messages. With the passage of time, these tiny messages start taking space of your smartphone’s memory, which results in slow processing.

By deleting your text messages regularly, you can free up space and practically make your phone work faster.

[success]Keeps your secret safe [/success]
Cheating isn’t only dating or flirting, one has to be careful with text messages if one doesn’t wants his/her partner to know the secret.
Bad luck never knocks before coming, so it is always safe to clear your text messages history every 30 days or before meeting your partner.

[success]Helps in getting over your EX [/success]
Before the advent of smartphone, lover-letter and few collectibles were the only stuff to cry with after breakup. But now, since we have our phone in our hands 24/7, we spend days, weeks and even months looking at the gone lovely moments of an ended relationship.

It’s always better to let those old texts die along with the relationship.

Perhaps you cannot delete your messages on regular basis or you don’t remember doing it in a while. Then thanks a smartphone, it has pre-loaded feature that can do this for you.
[success] For iOS 8: Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > Options
For Android: Go to Messaging app >Settings >Delete Old Messages > Set Limit [/success]


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