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Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and for that they do exercises, eat healthy food, meditation, yoga and so on. The fitness has become more of a trend now. Many people desire to look like celebrities by taking care of their fitness while others do it for staying healthy. Technology and fitness have become the talk of the town. A lot of technologically advanced fitness gadgets are being made to cater the needs of the customers. Here, we are going to talk about the five revolutionary fitness gadgets which will help you in keeping the track of your activities.

Revolutionary Fitness Gadgets

Samsung Gear Fit-Gear it up!

Let’s first talk about the new Samsung Gears. Samsung has introduced a number of wearable fitness bands/watches. The four prominent ones are Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear Neo and Samsung Gear Live. Each of these has different yet unique design and specs.

The high-quality Samsung Gear Fit is designed in a perfect manner and is one of the best fitness gadgets. It has different interchangeable color bands which highlight your mood. It also allows the users to change the themes according to their moods. The interface of the gadget automatically changes vertically and horizontally according to the user’s movements. The noticeable specs of Samsung Gear Fit are:

  • 1.82 inches Super AMOLED touchscreen display
  • IP67 Certified Dust and Water resistant
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Heart Rate Sensor
  • Battery timings are up to 2-4 days when using typically and up to 5 days in normal usage
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

The Fitbit Aria™

The Aria™ is not like any other normal scale. It offers a wide range of amicable specs. The model is uploaded to the advanced technology, it accurately and precisely evaluates the weight, as well as the body fat % and BMI. Aria™ helps in keeping a track of your fitness and further assist the users to get much better results and assign their daily routine, accordingly. The Aria™ is available in two colors and the latest price is 129$. It has an ability to automatically detect and recognize the weight of 8 different people. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi option through which you can automatically or manually update and publish your weight on Twitter and Facebook. The components and specs of Aria™ are as follows:

  • Tempered glass platform
  • ABS bottom housing
  • Weight is 1.93 kg
  • The units are of lb., kg, and set
  • Wireless 802.11b with WPA, WEP and WPA2 personal security

Garmin Edge 800

If you want to bike and make the most of it then Garmin Edge 800 is the gadget that you need. This gadget is the first GPS bike computer which offers a number of unique characteristics. It has a built-in tracking system and base-camp which tracks your location, distance, and speed. Offers navigation and show and monitors your performance. This amazing gadget offers a wide variety of useful specs, such as:

  • GPS-enabled
  • High sensitivity sensor
  • Heart rate Monitoring system
  • Bike speed sensor
  • 3.5 oz weight
  • Rechargeable lithium battery and much more

Kinetic Training Kit

Kinetic Training fitness console is the most famous and favorite gadget among the people who avoid going outside. A number of fitness games are compatible with it. Nike offers fitness plans workouts and helps in tracking your performance. The kinetic training can be used with Xbox 360 as it tracks your every move and exercise routine and helps you in getting a perfect fitness.

Camera Demon Helmet

The most interesting and useful gadget is the Demon Helmet Camera. It is an adjustable gadget which you can mount on your helmet with any digital camera. While cycling you can record your tracks and make your adventures recordable too. The mount is fully adjustable it can tilt and rotate in 360-degree position. It is secured with a strong bonding pad beneath so that your camera does not fall down. If you want to make your biking fun then this is the gadget to go for.


All of the above-mentioned gadgets are very fun to use. You can get the best out of these perfectly designed gadgets as they are loaded with high specs and help you evaluate your fitness. Keep track of your fitness with any of these amazing gadgets.

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