Top 5 Smartphone Features for Android and iOS in 2022

As we move into the new year, we sincerely hope that smartphone manufacturers will seize the opportunity to put the past behind and offer new phones that not only solve consumer’s pain points but also delight and tickle the soul with their top smartphone features in 2020. 

The development in smartphone photography will continue in 2020, driving progress in high-resolution sensor technology, optical zooming capabilities and computational photography will remain key in success of any smartphone. People rely on their phones these days for practically everything and a dead phone isn’t of much help. Bigger battery life would push through more than a day or half and would be expecting it in flagship phones this year. Most of the phones are still the 6-inch-plus glass screens that you know and love, but we look forward to experimenting with specific improvements such as better cameras, 5G and much more.  

Top Smartphone features in 2020

  • Notch Free Screen 
  • In-Display Fingerprint Sensor/ Camera Sensor 
  • Bigger Camera (More than 4 rear Cameras) 
  • Bigger Battery Life 
  • Updated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

Notch Free Display  

top smartphone features 2020

If there’s one design feature that’s defined the smartphone industry’s last few years, it must be the notch. As smartphone manufacturers continue to work towards a legitimate bezel-less display. The so-called notch may have different sizes and shapes, but its main purpose is always the same: to increase the display surface area at the front of the devices without abandoning the front cameras or the different sensors.  

Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship smartphone Mi 10 is expected to have a notch free display. This time Xiaomi has decided to go notch free and introduce a punch hole route instead of pop-up camera. Rumors are that Apple could ditch notch in its new iphone 12 series. 

In-display Camera Sensor 

top smartphone features 2020

In-display camera sensor technology that exists in prototype devices and Xiaomi claims it would be a while before this technology comes in real smartphone carrying this feature. Oppo has also demonstrated a prototype system with the same technology. Going by their track records for multiple technologies, both Xiaomi and Oppo could deliver this feature in their new commercial smartphones with a within this year. 

Bigger Upgraded Cameras 

huawei p40 pro

Camera quality is one of the top three reasons people buy a phone over another, as well as screen preference and battery life. In 2019, smartphone cameras embraced new sensors and increased image capture, ranging from impressive periscope zoom technology to astrophotography. Most flagships have adopted the triple camera setup and we have to say we like it. Offering an ultra-wide-angle lens, a wide or regular lens and a telephoto zoom lens gives people the largest creative canvas possible when snapping shots.  

This year would be the year of Cameras for many smartphone brands like Samsung which soon will unveil 108MP quad camera setup in its new Galaxy S11 series. Moreover, Huawei’s P40 will not lay behind in the race as rumors are that this brand will introduce Penta camera setup for the love of photography.  

Long Battery Life  

smartphone features 2020

Smartphone batteries are getting bigger and bigger, with the promise of phones that can run on a single charge all day long. There are a few reasons to need a phone with a big battery. You might be a big phone user, spending hours a day on your mobile. Or maybe you often go to places where charging your phone simply isn’t an option.  

Phones with high-looking QHD displays will drain battery life faster than low-resolution displays on phones. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 should sport 5260mAh. You’ll also benefit from 30W wired charging which takes you in 40 minutes to 80 percent. OPPO, the selfie expert brand has also joined the league of bigger battery life and thrives to introduce 5000mAh battery in its upcoming A9 2020.  

Updated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 

samsung s11

Unlike Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6 is here and both should be a part of every smartphone in 2020. Wi-Fi introduces significant new security features that can help protect consumers whilst Bluetooth 5 is more efficient and helps in less battery drains. Including these radios will help the phone prove for at least a bit longer in the future. We really our gadgets to be upgraded to 5G. 

These above top smartphone features in 2020 will make our lives even easier than before.


Let’s check it out which smartphones will offer these new cutting-edge features in 2020

iPhone 12 With 3D Camera And Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple could ditch the notch in its upcoming iPhone 12 series. Yes, we know that 2020 is shaping up to a great year for the Apple users.

What’s New inside iPhone 12?

Apple’s decision to incorporate a long-range 3D camera is headline news for the iPhone 12. While a 3D camera can help with things like Portrait mode to photographs. Screen sizes could also change a bit, to 5.4, 6.1 or 6.7 inches.

As for the notch, there is still no consensus as yet. We have seen designs that indicate no notch at all, with all the sensors packed in the slim upper bezel, while others say that Apple is going to redesign the notch. AR (Augmented Reality) would be a big win for Apple iphone 12 this year. 

Xiaomi Mi 10 with 64MP Gigantic Rear Camera Super-Fast Charging 

The Xiaomi Mi 10, a gigantic 64MP Samsung camera and MIUI 10, is one of the best and new phones coming out 2020 with expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. The rest of the features include a 5000mAh non-removable battery which is a huge upgrade with 30W super-fast charging cell. This time Xiaomi has decided to go notch free for its flagship smartphone Mi 10 and introduce a punch hole route instead of pop-up camera.

The beautifully designed Xiaomi Mi 10 will come with exquisite features. Rumors are Mi 10 will  sport a single front-facing 32MP camera with a f/2.0 aperture that is sufficiently capable to support the 1.6-micron4-in-1 output. Not only that, 32MP front camera of new Xiaomi mi 10 will come with super features such as Face unlocking, AI beauty selfies, Magic face changes and much more. In-display fingerprint scanner will be a cherry on top. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 series Packed with 108MP Rear Quad Camera Setup

The Samsung Galaxy S11, which should see updates on its cameras, specs, and so on, will be the first big phone of 2020-but the most exciting thing is how Samsung frames what’s coming up in the phones of the year.

What’s Inside Galaxy S11?

The Samsung Galaxy S11 confirms the design of the penta camera with four rear cameras, at least one sensor and a selfie punch hole with a screen size of 6.4. The main features that distinguish the company’s new cherry from its other flagships are in-display camera setup and bezel less screen. Samsung Galaxy’s S11 has 108 Mega-pixel rear quad camera setup and a dual front-facing camera in-display to snap stunning selfies. 

 There are also reports that the S11 has a periscope lens with a lossless zoom of 5X. Apart from these significant camera upgrades, a Snapdragon 865 chipset is supposed to come with Samsung S11. On 11 February, Samsung officially dated a new Galaxy Unpacked event for Galaxy 11 and its myriad variations and we expect to experience a lot. 

Huawei P40 Pro Would Have Flat Screen With Penta Rear Camera Setup 

Early leaks suggest that the Huawei P40 Pro will continue the evolution of design. Curved smartphone screens may be a ‘premium’ feature but they can be somewhat divisive and expected to be missing in Huawei P40 Pro.

What’s Inside Huawei P40?

Reports and speculations rendering design compiles with a waterfall-style “Horizon Screen” (around 6.5 in) at QHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. There you’ll also see a dual-camera punch-hole selfie camera. The camera setup shows five rear cameras, so far matching the rumors. The one at the top right shows up as a periscope camera.


Above included all the top smartphone features in 2020 are mainly speculated for now and could be unveiled at any date or month of this year. We may not even be released at all as for now they are all just speculation.

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