Top 6 Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Well, Helllooo to all my Pakistani makeup lovers! Yes, we all love makeup! but doesn’t it get a bit cranky looking at all those goras and goris doing it for us? Pakistani makeup differs in almost everything from the foreign makeup tutorials available on Youtube. In addition to that, you won’t always get your hands on those high-end makeup products they use in their tutorials. Thus, I decided to go look for Pakistani makeup bloggers on YouTube only for you!

Here are the 6 top Pakistani MUAs on YouTube, most of them give makeup tutorials in Urdu so that you may get them well. Secondly, there are the best Pakistani makeup artists you can ever dream to learn makeup from. So let’s get straight to it!



Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Damn She surely Knows everything about fashion! From beauty tips to fashion vlogging, food vlogs, to lifestyle coaching and of course Makeup she covers it all! She is a Pakistani makeup artist on YouTube with a huge fan following. She is one of the top Pakistani YouTuber and is serving her audience well. Head on to her channel if you want to gain some serious makeup skills!


2.Nishoo Khan

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Nishoo Khan is the best Pakistan YouTuber you can learn makeup from. She keeps in view the affordability and availability of makeup products and creates a lot of looks using Pakistani makeup products only. This not only makes it easier for her subscribers to follow her but also makes her makeup tutorials more practical. All her makeup tutorials are in Urdu and she is a super friendly teacher! The best Pakistani makeup artist on YouTube.

3. Maroosha’s Makeup

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Maroosha is a darling indeed. She is a Pakistani fashion/makeup artist trending on YouTube. She makes it sound a lot easier. She creates easily achievable and useful makeup tutorials and delivers them in Urdu for the ease of her subscribers. One of the top MUAs of Pakistan on YouTube.


4. Bodmon Zaid

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Honestly, she is not totally a Pakistan but a Paki Canadian. However, her desi sense can be judged by her love for Biryani. Yes! she is a Pakistani by heart (and Nationality) indeed! She not only makes awesome makeup tutorials but makes it a lot more fun by her amazing sense of humour. Her looks are inspired by Pakistani culture and she tries Pakistani local products as well in her tutorials. A huge shout out to you girl!


5. Kashif Aslam

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Kashif Aslam the CEO of Kashee Beauty Parlor has earned a lot of name for Pakistan in the makeup industry. However, it is a privilege that he had his YouTube channel made to let his subscribers benefit from his skills and learn them one on one! Kashee mostly creates Pakistani wedding looks, wedding hairstyles, party-makeup looks and more. He is the best male Pakistani makeup artist.


6. Akif Ilyas

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists On Youtube

Is it any less of a blessing that the celebrity makeup artist Akif Ilyas is here for you on YouTube? Akif Ilyas is known for his extraordinary makeup skills and he feels no hesitation in sharing them with the world. Akif’s makeup tutorials are in Urdu and are sure to learn a lot from. There is nothing Akif can’t and won’t teach you about fashion and makeup! Head straight onto his YouTube channel to learn what you have been missing until now! Best male Pakistani makeup artist on YouTube.



These were the top Pakistani makeup artists on YouTube. I find it heart-trenching that several amazing Pakistani makeup artists are either not on YouTube or they have inactive accounts. We appreciate and promote our Pakistani talent to show-up and lift Pakistan’s prestige in every and any way possible!

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