10 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

In these crucial times of chaos and tragedy, there is no harm in taking a break, sit back and relax mentally. The COVID-19 has caused enough trouble to traumatize us emotionally and thus we do need some entertainment to soothe out the tense environment.

Here are the top 10 entertaining Youtube channels by our very own talented Pakistani Vloggers and roasters to fill your lives with a bit of laughter and stomach ache. Make sure you follow these Pakistani pranksters on Youtube and appreciate the efforts they make in order for you to smile a little!

1.Ducky Bhai

5 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

Ducky Bhai is one of the most popular and yet the most entertaining Pakistani vlogger on Youtube. He often makes fun videos roasting other YouTubers or discussing the everyday issues in the most non-offensive yet entertaining manner. He is loved by the Pakistanis and is viewed as an inspiration for the future Vloggers. Follow him Here.


2. ZaitAliT Vlogs

5 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

Zaid Ali consists of the perfect duo of Walaiti-Desi, this co-existence making his creations relatable for every foreigner who is a Pakistani and for the general public as well. He reflects upon the daily-issues and basic relationship conversations seem like something to cherish and laugh upon. He is a loveable guy who makes millions of us laugh out loud! Follow this amazing Pakistani Vlogger on YouTube right away Here!

3. Shahveer Jaffery Vlogs

5 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

Shahveer Jafry just like Zaid Ali is a walaiti-Pakistani, who leaves his audience in an awe with his overloaded cuteness and his creative ideas of making everything more fun and entertaining. Shahveer makes very joyful and innovative vlogs that are out of the world! Go follow this talented Pakistani prankster on YouTube Here.

4. Sharam Ki Sketchbook

5 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

Sharum is an emerging Pakistani animator who with his amazing skills is determined to make life seem a lot easier and enjoyable. Sharum makes animations with everyday story-lines and fun memories with a his voiceover that makes the most out of everything. His animations are very creative and entertaining. He sure is one talented Pakistani entertainer on YouTube. Follow the best Pakistani animator and entertainer on YouTube Here.

5. CBA- Arslan Naseer

5 Top Pakistani Roasters And Vloggers On Youtube

Arslan is a very sweet guy who tends to roast Pakistani TV serials, Advertisements and trending news without hurting any feelings. The charisma in his voice makes his videos even more absorbing and entertaining. Arslan makes amazing entertainment videos on YouTube and sure is a talented Pakistani roaster on YouTube. Follow him Here.

6. Khujlee family

If you are searching for the funniest Pakistani youtube channels there may not be a better youtube channel than Khujlee Family! Raza Somro and team really put their effort in creating great humorous content for their YouTube channels and the editing skills they display in their videos are remarkable and extraordinary! One of the funniest Pakistani YouTube channel you should follow right away

Follow Them HERE.


7. MangoBaaz

MangoBaaz is not just a home-based YouTube channel. There are some pretty serious folks determined to make everyone laugh. MangoBaaz is an amazingly hilarious youtube channel run by Pakistanis who come up with a lot of great content, unique ideas and innovate jokes to share with their audience. Their content is funny and unique. Thumbs Up team MangoBaaz!

Follow Them HERE.

8. The Idiotz

Here are the best pranksters on youtube! The Idiotz are Pakistani pranksters on YouTube making people laugh with all their mischievous yet entertaining practical pranks. This is one of the funniest channels on YouTube by Pakistanis that you should follow!

Follow Them HERE.

9. Bekaar Films

I promise they aren’t as ‘Bekaar’ as they sound, in fact, they are a treat! Bekaar Films create amazing short skits which are amazingly relatable and hilarious. It is indeed one of the best Pakistani YouTube channel that you must follow if you want to take a chill pill.

Follow Them HERE.

10. Danish Ali

Danish Ali is an amazing stand-up comedian. His content is real, though-full and simply hilarious! He has a very creative approach towards simple life observations that he transforms into funny interactions. Do follow this amazing Pakistani YouTuber who makes the most fun videos!

Follow Them HERE.

Hope this helps you to lessen the intensity of stress we are dealing with right now as a nation! Laugh your worries away guys everything is going to end well! Insha Allah!

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