TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers via Facebook

Transferring money is quite difficult when it comes to International money transfers. Now all that won’t matter thanks to; TransferWise. The Money Transfer company has introduced a new service that permits users to send money globally via Facebook’s chat application. TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers via Facebook.

The London-based startup revealed that it had created a Facebook Messenger “chatbot”. And an automated program that can facilitate users communicate with businesses and execute tasks such as online purchases.

TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers via Facebook

TransferWise’s chatbot allows customers to send money to friends and family to and from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe from Facebook Messenger. It can also be used to implement exchange rate alerts.

Though Facebook already allows its users to send money in the United States via its Messenger app. But it hasn’t launched the same services worldwide.

TransferWise added that its service will be the first to permit international money transfers entirely within Messenger.

Facebook made its Messenger app available to developers to devise chatbots in April in a bid to extend its reach in customer service and project transactions.

Chatbots are in trend in enterprise technology from the past year because latest advances in artificial intelligence have made them better at communicating. Businesses, such as banks, are anticipating that they can be used to enhance and curtail the cost of their customer service operations.

TransferWise chatbot is now only available in Facebook Messenger. It can be modified to work with other famous chat services, Scott Miller revealed.

He further added that the service would ultimately be expanded to work in other countries and money transfer routes that the company functions in. The launch arrives as a contest in the mobile payments and international money transfer sectors intensifies.

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