Transit Features on Google Maps will Make lives more Easier

Google Maps are blessings in disguise. Gone are days when people used to ask Lahoris where to go, and they would tell them the wrong way (Just a Joke). Now Google tells us everything correctly. As the app has got popularity as it eases our daily lives, the company keep on incorporating new features for the welfare of people and of course for getting more users. This time Google has launched two Public transit features. Both features are advantageous. These transit features on Google Maps Is rolling out for both Android and iOS users.

The first update shows live delays of buses. Usually, the estimated average time of the bus is measured by measuring the route it will cover. However if due to some rush it gets late, it was not notified. But now Google Map will reveal the delay of public transport so that people waiting should know how much time they have to wait for more.

Google Maps add Public Transit Feature for Welfare of People

The new traffic delay feature will even tell you where the delay is and how much time it will add to your trip. The other feature is also related to public transport, and it is crowdedness predictions. Google Maps has the habit of getting feedback from people asking them is the transit route was crowded. In this way, it can easily predict when the traffic is crowded. So now this new feature will let you know if the bus is overcrowded or if there is any sitting available for you.

The new transit features are now rolling out on Google Maps iOS and Android versions with support for over 200 cities around the world and their transit networks. Moreover, Google has also launched a speed limit feature in many countries. Click here to know if your country falls in the category.

Fizza Atique

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