Trash talk of Mariam Aurangzeb continues, This time its against Uber Drivers

Yesterday, Marium Aurangzeb, a politician belonging from PMLN, gave a fiery speech on Prime Minister Imran Khan in the national assembly. Let’s accept the speech was quite well prepared and was delivered with full zeal and enthusiasm. The speech got thumbs up on social media; however, one thing remained unnoticed that was her remark on Uber drivers. Before we go into details, let’s watch the speech first and discuss the rest of the things later on.

As I said above the speech was too good and passing derogatory comments on the other party is what politics is all about. But the way Miss Maryam Aurangzeb gave this defamatory comment regarding the ride-hailing services was not acceptable. It has not only left a wrong impression of Pakistan on an international chain like uber but also has disrespected the sentiments of Uber drivers who ask for stars as this is how they get paid.

The popular ride-hailing service uber has drafted this business module to facilitate drivers with bonuses by the end of the week. As passengers usually forget to rate the driver or do not understand the importance of rating for them, they remind the passenger to rate the ride. However, to make fun of those drivers in the National Assembly who go out to their home to earn a living shouldn’t have been done.

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Fizza Atique

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