Tuanyuan: A Mobile App that Helped Chinese Govt Recover Missing Children

Technology has made our phones a lot smarter than before. There is an app for almost everything. Name the thing and you’ll find an app for it. The mobile applications have changed the way we live.

Tuanyuan: A Mobile App that Helped Chinese Govt Recover Missing Children. In China, a mobile app named Tuanyuan has helped the authorities recover hundreds of missing children last year, Xinhua news agency reported.

Tuanyuan: A Mobile App that Helped Chinese Govt Recover Missing Children

Child trafficking is quite prevalent in China. 611 missing children were recovered last year, the Ministry of Public Security stated.

The mobile app “Tuanyuan” (reunion in Chinese) was developed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The app launched in May, has permitted police officers to share details and work altogether.

611 missing children were recovered last year: Ministry of Public Security

Those using the app will be able to locate the place where a child has disappeared via receiving push notifications. The notifications includes photos and descriptions. Notifications are sent to users far away from the location of the disappearance if the child is still not found.

Now the app has collaborated with other popular mobile apps such as Alibaba’s online shopping website Taobao, search engine Baidu, Tencent Holdings Ltd’s instant messaging software QQ and mobile ride-sharing platform Didi Chuxing.

The trend of child trafficking has increased in China due to many reasons. The major reason understandable for it is the population control policy. Due to the population control policies criminal gangs kidnap or buy baby boys and girls. They also buy Girls to be future brides to attract affluent dowries.

Though the policies have been relaxed but still people have a customary partiality for baby boys. Mostly boys are perceived as the major support for aged parents and heirs to the family name.

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