Twitshot Launches iOS App

Twitshot – a website which automatically extracts images from links and attaches them to your tweets has launched an iOS app for its users.

This app will make you share pages to and create a tweet with an embedded image from your iPhone or iPad without downloading the image.

[blockquote cite=”The Next Web”] A Twitter study in 2014 showed that simply attaching an image to your tweet results in a 35 percent increase in retweets on average, so attaching images whenever you can is a good way to get attention.

Twitshot Launches iOS App Makes it Easy to Tweet Link with an Image

Twitshot also has its Chrome extension that adds places a button on the browser for sharing a tweet with a link directly.

As the trend of social media has been increase so much almost people of every age has its account on social media. With twitshot people will definitely love to share picture make tweets and retweets and it will attract the users. Sometimes users find it difficult to add picture of something that they have to download twitshot has also solved this problem. As discussed above they will use the picture directly instead of downloading it.


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