Twitter disappearing tweets Saga is going to end Soon

Twitter is trying to make users’ experiences better by coming up with a fix for every issue. Some time back, many users of the platform reported an issue regarding their tweets disappearing automatically. After many users took to social media, the company acknowledged this issue regarding the Twitter disappearing tweets and assured us that soon it is going to fix this issue.

what happened was that when users returned to their tweets and scroll down to read the tweets, upon refreshing they realized that the tweet that was partially read disappeared and was shuffled down in the feed.

Twitter disappearing tweets Saga- Now you will be relieved

Twitter now revealed that they are rolling out an update that is going to fix this issue associated with hidden tweets.

Right now the update is only available for Twitter for web users however it is going to launch for other platforms as well. Also, be reminded that now our unpleasant experience is going to end soon so those who are not using this platform for some time will be relieved.

It is mentioned by the company that now users will be given full control over their decision whether to refresh their feed or not. For this, they can click on the Tweety counter bar present at the top.

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