Twitter Forces Users to Read Articles Before Retweeting it

It is a common practice of users that we keep on sharing everything through social media without even reading it or checking its authentication. Usually, on WhatsApp, we receive such messages that are sent so many times from the same person because he does not read it and send it again. Being a responsible platform, Twitter has decided to take action and has launched a new feature that will nudge people to read the articles before retweeting it. The reason behind this is that the social media giant believes that the headline is not enough to share the whole article, and it might be misleading as well.

Now Get a Twitter Notification Asking to Read Articles Before Retweeting

While telling about this feature, TwiiterSupport tweeted:

With the increasing case of corona throughout the world, people are sharing several articles regarding it, and sometimes the faggy headlines are not enough to be shared with other people as they generate conversations that can lead to trouble sometimes as well.  To encourage more productive conversations, Twitter wants everyone to read the full article and share it only after reading it.

The company has started rolling out this feature to some of the users. SO when to retweet an article, you will get a notification saying “Headlines don’t tell the full story. Want to read this before Retweeting?” Though users can still retweet articles even after this note, however, it’s a gentle reminder to read the full article as it really matters.

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